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DOT Physical Exams, DOT Drug Testing a Must for New Hires

WDTC Offers Affordable Screenings to Businesses of All Sizes

When hiring workers in the transportation industry, employers have to go beyond the standard process of conducting interviews and checking references. They are required by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association to make sure their commercial drivers are physically prepared to do the job. Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium offers a number of services to ensure transportation companies know everything they can about their prospective employees. Whether you need DOT physical exams, DOT drug testing or background checks, we provide businesses of all sizes with the services they need during the hiring process.

Before a transportation company can hire a driver, he or she must first pass a DOT physical exam administered by a certified medical professional. WDTC’s certified professionals provide affordable physicals that include taking a health history, screening hearing and vision, checking blood pressure and pulse rate, conducting a 12-point physical body exam. These results let businesses know if their applicants are physically capable to drive a commercial vehicle.

The testing doesn’t end when a commercial driver is hired. The DOT requires companies to conduct random drug tests and test drivers if they have reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use, or after an accident. WDTC offers onsite and mobile testing options so employees can spend more time on the job and less time driving to and from a drug testing facility. WDTC can also serve as your third party administrator for Department of Transportation drug tests. We have a consortium pool with strict entrance guidelines that keep your company compliant with federal rules.

“Transportation companies must follow strict guidelines when it comes to substance abuse testing and we help our clients follow the rules,” said WDTC President Mike Bray. “When transportation companies join our consortium pool, it creates one less worry for them.”

Hiring new employees is never easy and for transportation companies, there are even more considerations to keep in mind. WDTC provides affordable screening services and tests to businesses of all sizes. We can help your business meet regulations and guidelines by conducting DOT physical exams, DOT drug testing, and serve as your third party administrator. We also offer other pre-hire screenings including DOT medical exams, physical capacity evaluations and background checks to help businesses during the hiring process. Visit our website, to learn more about WDTC and its services or contact President Mike Bray at [email protected].

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  1. Elsa Anderson

    I had no idea that before a transportation company can hire a driver, they must first pass the DOT physical exam that is administered by a medical professional. The fact that they look at health history and screen hearing and vision is a huge benefit for the company so that they can be sure that the applicant can drive a commercial vehicle safely. My brother is thinking of becoming a truck driver, so I will definitely tell him the benefits for the company and himself by getting a DOT exam!

  2. Eli Richardson

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    It’s great that you talked about transportation workers and which tests you’d need to perform before hiring! A few weeks ago, my uncle said he wants to start a trucking company with a friend. I believe working in the transportation industry must be dangerous, so I’ll be sure to suggest he adds DOT exams to his hiring process! Thanks for the information on the importance of drug testing before hiring a truck driver.

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