DOT Consortium Management

Transportation businesses must follow strict federal guidelines when it comes to substance abuse tests. As a third party administrator with the Department of Transportation (DOT), WDTC makes sure your company follows the rules. We’ve developed and manage a drug-testing consortium to meet your company’s needs and help you fully comply with federal DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements.

No employees are allowed to enter WDTC’s consortium pool until a negative pre-employment drug test is filed with us whether or not WDTC performs the pre-employment drug screen. Proof of a drug test that has been completed in the 12 months prior to requesting entrance into the pool is required.

The DOT testing regulations include:

  • Maintenance of random pool of employees
  • Quarterly – random selection of employees – 50% for drug, 10% for alcohol
  • Quarterly and year-end summary of drug and alcohol tests
  • Mandatory blind samples for quality control
  • Nationwide collection sites