When thinking about hiring an employee, you want to make sure he or she isn’t hiding anything. That’s where background screenings come in. WDTC partners with Background Screeners of America (BSA) and uses a private investigator in accordance with the Fair Credit Recording Act (FCRA).

Our private investigators have access not only to public information records but also databases and information that only they can access using their PI license. Private investigators compile a complete report of a person using all legal documents and resources available.

This isn’t a “typical” background screen that some companies sell that only collects and disseminates information from public records. That type of background screen just looks at data. These data aggregators can’t analyze, investigate, provide testimony or make conclusions about a potential employee’s habits, activities, behavior, transactions, reputation or general character — which are all things that a private investigator can do. Private investigators, which are licensed and required to annually attend continuing education programs, where data aggregators have no regulatory agency overseeing their actions and are not liscenced.

WDTC offers three different levels of background screenings depending on your company’s unique needs for the individual. We understand, for example, that executives would go through a more rigorous background screen, including verifying their academic and financial history.

Depending on the level of investigation you choose, WDTC can check a potential employee’s:

  • Nationwide Criminal History – includes all 50 states
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • International Criminal Records Search
  • Nationwide – Sexual Offender
  • Social Security Number Verification & Address Trace
  • Tribal Search
  • State and County Search – Individually
  • Employment/Academic Verification
  • Credit Report – TransUnion
  • Driving History – State Motor Vehicle and/or CDL Violations
  • Professional License