Everyone’s DNA is different and unique, which is why legal DNA paternity tests are admissible in a court of law. WDTC’s lab adheres to the most stringent testing standards since we understand how important these results are to you.

The legal DNA paternity test tracks your DNA samples from the time they’re collected by a trained specialist to the time they arrive in our lab. That ensures the results are admissible as evidence in a courtroom. DNA paternity tests provide the most definitive proof of a biological relationship between a parent and child.

If you need a paternity test that can be used as a legal document, a legal DNA Test must be performed. Some common reasons clients come to us for these tests include child support, birth certificate, court order, wills and trusts, child custody, adoption and immigration.

In addition to our legal DNA paternity tests, WDTC also offers:

  • Home Paternity Test: Determines the father of a child
  • Immigration DNA Paternity Testing: Verifies paternity to establish citizenship for VISA applications
  • Half/Full DNA Testing: Determines whether two or more individuals share one or both parents in common
  • Single/Duo Grandparentage DNA Test: Determines grandparentage between an adult and child