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Keeping Accurate Drug Testing Records Vital

WDTC Ensures Your Business Stays Compliant with Federal Rules

The Department of Transportation has strict rules and guidelines when it comes to drug testing drivers. Not only do employers need to conduct regular testing for alcohol and drugs for drivers with a commercial drivers license, but they also need to keep accurate records.

What kind of records does your business need to have ready if the DOT asks for them?

  • Test results
  • Written explanation of how the testing process is administered
  • Written documents explaining the return-to-duty administration
  • Employee training regarding drug testing
  • Supervisor training, including what’s needed to request a drug test if there is suspicion of drug use
  • Annual report summarizing testing activity and the results

Businesses are required to keep paper files of the above documents in a secure location, such as a locked filing cabinet. The U.S. DOT Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy & Compliance requires transportation companies to keep these files for a number of years, depending on the type of company. View these guidelines to learn more about what records the DOT requires, how long they need to be kept and other rules regarding how the drug testing process is recorded.

But there is more. Like the IRS, the DOT conducts audits and can ask for those records at any time. In 2016, the DOT has increased the number of their audits by 20 percent. Those numbers mean there is a greater chance than ever before that your business may need to go through a DOT audit. Complete, accurate records are necessary to make it through a DOT audit. WDTC can conduct a mock audit to check your company’s level of preparation.

Employers are responsible for ensuring their business is compliant with regulations. As an accredited Third Party Administrator, Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium makes sure your business follows the rules by conducting random employee drug testing and keeping accurate records. Contact WDTC today at 920-393-4168 to learn how we can ensure your business is following the rules and regulations regarding employee drug testing.