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Consortiums simplify random drug testing programs

Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium makes it easy to stay in compliance

Quick question: Do you know what the current minimum percentages are for random drug testing programs for drivers of commercial motor vehicles requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL)?

Staying abreast of issues pertaining to random drug testing programs are at the heart of services that Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) provides for our customers. Random drug testing programs adhere to testing percentages set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are periodically updated as data reflects the percentage of positive tests tallied nationally.

The FMCSA recently announced that minimum testing percentages would remain unchanged for 2021, with 50 percent of the average number of driver positions subject to testing for controlled substances and 25 percent for alcohol. Owner-operators and other employers who participate in consortiums such as that offered through WDTC benefit from enhanced driver count as well as compliance with the often-changing requirements of random drug testing programs.

Take the worry out of random drug testing programs

As a member of the transportation industry, you have enough regulations to track without devoting time to implementing your own random drug testing programs. The FMCSA increased the minimum testing percentage for controlled substances in 2020, and WDTC was there to help customers meet the new requirement.

Data collected through random drug testing programs also make their way into the FMCSA’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse database, which came online in 2020. WDTC’s nationwide collection capabilities make it more convenient for drivers to complete their tests and get back on the road.

Owner-operators must designate a Certified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA) such as WDTC to comply with reporting requirements of the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. WDTC can help you manage your random drug testing programs and fulfill other FMCSA requirements.

About Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium

Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium is an accredited, Certified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA), and specializes in consortium management; a variety of drug testing methods, including urine, hair and fingernails; post-accident testing; pre-employment drug tests; criminal background checks; supervisor training programs to keep employees compliant with DOT regulations; pre-employment DOT physicals; and paternity DNA testing. Headquartered in Green Bay, WDTC also has offices in Oshkosh and Appleton, Wisconsin. Call 888-784-8842 or visit for more information.

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