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Supervisor Training is Key in Identifying Drug Use

Wisconsin Drug Test Consortium Offers Online Training Program

Keeping compliant with DOT rules and regulations is challenging for most businesses. Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) helps businesses to not only conduct regular testing, but also helps supervisors be on the lookout for workers under the influence. Supervisors can request employees receive drug tests, but those requests need to come under the right conditions. DOT-required supervisor training ensures they make the right call.

Under 49 CFR Part 382, supervisors need to attend mandatory training to identify possible drug use and if suspected, what to do about it. WDTC offers an online training course that supervisors can take as their schedule allows. When the online session is over, supervisors can take a test and print out a training certificate when they pass.

“The online supervisor training only takes 90 minutes and it is very convenient for employees to do on their own time,” said WDTC President Mike Bray.

During the training, supervisors learn if they suspect an employee is under the influence to immediately get another trained supervisor and ask the individual to also observe the employee. If both agree the employee should be tested, they then can approach the individual and point out their observations.

“You learn how to phrase things like, ‘You do not seem like yourself today. Is there something I should know?’” Bray said. “If they then say something like ‘I took Benadryl and it is making me sleepy or the doctor gave me this new medicine,’ then you tell them you will give them a ride home and they can take the day as a sick day. If the person denies a problem, you can then go ahead and ask them to take a drug test.”

Supervisor training is recommended every three to four years. It is important supervisors stay current on trends and what to watch for since new drugs unfortunately are always entering the marketplace . Training and certification is also important if a case goes to court. A judge may ask the supervisor on what grounds he or she asked for the drug test and the supervisor can then talk about his or her training and certification. “That can make a real difference in a court case,” Bray said.

In addition to its online supervisor training options, WDTC has convenient drug testing locations across the country. This makes it easy for employees to get their drug tests and return to their jobs more quickly. We are also an Accredited/Certified-Third Party Administrator for DOT consortiums. Visit one of our offices in Green Bay, Fond du Lac or Madison to learn more about WDTC and its services. Contact President Mike Bray at [email protected] or visit

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