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Post-accident testing needs to take place in the correct mode

Covered employees must test in DOT mode regardless of circumstances

One of the more common issues that Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) sees is how employers handle post-accident testing. It is understandable if the intricacies surrounding DOT regulations seem confusing.

There are two separate worlds when it comes to regulations: DOT and non-DOT, and at no point can your employees toggle between the two. Simply put, an employee covered by DOT regulations must complete post-accident testing in DOT mode regardless of whether or not the accident took place in a traditional on-road setting.

For example, if a covered employee transports heavy equipment to a jobsite and then proceeds to fulfill duties such as using a backhoe to move lumber during clearing operations, they remain within the DOT environment. Should an accident occur that requires first aid – regardless of how minor the injury – DOT regulations require the covered employee to complete a drug test.

What is a covered employee for post-accident testing?

The employee’s status as a covered employee is the determining factor in post-accident testing, even if the incident occurs in a non-DOT environment. The DOT has specific guidelines in determining whether employees are covered under DOT regulations and therefore must complete post-accident testing under the DOT mode.

You can view the DOT’s decision tree here, which breaks down if you or your driver holds a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and operates a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) in any state. If so, you are subject to drug & alcohol testing regulations. The post-accident testing paperwork is different for a covered employee under the DOT mode than it is for a non-covered, non-DOT employee.

Call WDTC with any questions about post-accident testing or to schedule a drug test at any of our affiliated testing sites. WDTC’s network of 17,000 collection sites across the USA provide convenient access for post-accident testing of your covered employees, coast to coast and border to border.

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