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WDTC Takes Away Drug Testing Worries

CDL/DOT Drug Testing for Seasonal Employment and New Hires Offered

Finding qualified employees can be a challenge for transportation companies. Once you have the ideal candidate, with the right skills and experience, the next step is making sure they are drug-free and complete a DOT physical. Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) provides CDL/DOT drug testing for seasonal employment and new hires, allowing you to focus on the hiring process.

Federal regulations require all transportation employees, including those hired on a temporary basis, to complete drug testing. WDTC offers convenient, affordable drug testing options, including onsite and mobile testing. Our collection process is streamlined using both online and traditional platforms. Our electronic process is web-based and eliminates the paper chain of custody forms. We also keep your records secure and stored in compliance with DOT rules.

In addition to initial drug testing for new employees, WDTC is also a Third Party Administrator with the DOT. By partnering with WDTC, we make sure your business fully complies with federal and DOT drug and alcohol testing guidelines. Employees cannot enter WDTC’s consortium pool until a negative pre-employment drug test is filed with us. Proof of a drug test that has been completed in the past 12 months is required before entering the pool. We keep track of your employees’ records in a secure setting that follows all of the federal regulations.

“Transportation company owners need to focus on running their business and filling their open positions. We take over your drug testing needs and make sure you are compliant with all of the federal rules,” said WDTC President Mike Bray.

WDTC partners with transportation companies to conduct CDL/DOT drug testing for seasonal employment and new hires. We make sure you are compliant with all the DOT rules regarding drug testing. We also provide DOT consortium management and employer responsibilities training so supervisors know their legal requirements regarding drug testing. Visit our website at at to learn more about all of our drug testing programs or contact President Mike Bray at [email protected] for more information.

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